How Many Americans Voted for Cthulhu, SMOD, or Harambe Today?

PJ Media collage of Twitter screenshots of Cthulhu, the Sweet Meteor of Death, and Harambe.

It’s Election Day, and with it comes the phenomenon of joke voting: voting for a non-candidate less as a protest than as a social media fad. In response to the widely hated major party candidates, disgruntled Americans have played fun with the idea of voting for death and damnation.


“Why vote for the lesser evil?” runs the slogan of Cthulhu for America, a Twitter celebrity with 36,900 followers. The character comes from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and is a deity/telepath of destruction and damnation. Sweet Meteor O’Death (SMOD) is the Lovecraftian demon’s major competition, and it has 37,400 followers. “Just end it already,” is the common slogan for SMOD.

Here are seven joke candidates written onto actual ballots by Americans on Election Day. May the odds be ever in their favor!

1. Cthulhu.

As an official supporter of the Lovecraftian entity, I must start with Cthulhu. Here’s a vote for him for president.

Here’s another.

Seriously, check out this cute kid telling you to vote Cthulhu.

Some went even further than voting for the deity, actually dressing up like it at the polls.

Some editor at PJ Media voted for the telepath for school board.


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2. Sweet Meteor O’Death.

While Cthulhu might be more personal, the meteor seems to have racked up more votes.

Swing low, sweet meteor…

Here’s another vote. Just end it already!

Not enough room. Must abbreviate.

And it wasn’t just president people voted S.M.O.D. for.

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3. Harambe.

This guy didn’t just vote S.M.O.D., he went for Harambe, too.

And this takes the cake — voting Harambe 17 times.


Facebook screenshot of a man who voted for Harambe 17 times.

I love this twist on a popular Clinton slogan.

Facebook screenshot of man wearing an “I’m with Har…ambe” t-shirt mocking the Hillary Clinton slogan.

The gentle gorilla inspires voting fashion.

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4. Bernie Sanders.

Some will never give up.

Feel the Bern!

Yep, Bernie.

Jill Stein is so offended.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey…



Next Page: Et Cetera.

4. English singer/songwriter Harry Styles.

5. Kylo Ren-Pikachu.

6. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

From Broken Skull Ranch…

7. Ken Bone.

Last, but not least, the energy question asker Ken Bone has won a write-in vote!


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