Feminist Outrage Alert! LEGO Announces Baby Minifigure in Ultrasound

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On Tuesday, LEGO announced its first ever baby minifigure — in an ultrasound photo! Twitter is now holding its collective breath for the fresh onslaught of feminist outrage.


Back in February, Doritos ran a Super Bowl ad featuring a baby whose desire for the potato chips causes a premature birth. The ad sparked outrage from feminists on Twitter (and a few other outlets), angry at the “humanizing” of a fetus. The ad itself was rather hokey, but it was certainly memorable. Following LEGO’s new announcement, conservatives are getting ready for a repeat. Here is the post:

It’s a big day! The first ever LEGO baby minifigure says HEY! to the world, arriving with the LEGO City 60134 Fun in the Park set, tomorrow June 1st !

Posted by LEGO on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The response, this time, has come mostly from pro-life people and groups praising the image as “cute” and — you guessed it — “humanizing.”

Priests for Life even thanked LEGO for “helping to spread a culture of life.” But amongst all this joy, there’s the expectation of feminist outrage.


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When the Doritos Super Bowl ad aired in February, mainstream pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America responded harshly.

HULU celebrity Mindy Kaling (with 7 million followers), star of “The Mindy Project,” recoiled.

New York Times bestselling author Shea Serrano (81,000 followers) pledged never to eat Doritos again.

LA Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy (183,000 followers) also mocked the ad.


The Huffington Post ran the story “Dorito’s Super Bowl Ad Is Making Us Rethink Ever Eating Doritos Again” and Britain’s Daily Mail reported that “hundreds of viewers have slammed Doritos Super Bowl ‘Ultrasound’ advert.” Why ultrasound was in scare quotes I have no idea.

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Seriously, what?

NARAL Pro-Choice America is pushing #MenForChoice events around the country. Normally, I’d be glad to enlist. Unlike Bernie Sanders, I like my choices of 23 choices of deodorant and 18 choices of sneakers. The free market provides a wonderful wealth of choices, in all areas of life. Oh. You’re talking about a woman choosing to kill her baby in the womb. What a buzzkill.

NARAL is also promoting a deck of “Gender Cards” (guess which gender!) that feature Hillary Clinton as the Ace.


After the Doritos Super Bowl outrage, you would expect at least a tepid attack, here or there, from pro-abortion feminists. Nope.

Maybe the angry feminists wised up and decided not to be so angry all the time. No, that can’t be right — they must just not have seen it yet.

The biggest LEGO news from people other than pro-life activists is this story about a kid in China demolishing an expensive LEGO sculpture of a Zootopia character.

Alas, it was the finest art of the age. Oh, and this is really cool.


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