To Celebrate Winning 1,237, Trump Eats McDonald's, Has Diet Coke

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

On Thursday, Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald J. Trump received a commitment from two unpledged North Dakota delegates, putting him over the 1,237 threshold to win the Republican nomination. To celebrate, The Donald shared a photo on Instagram — but it caused some people pause.


Trump “celebrated” by eating McDonald’s and drinking a Diet Coke. Here is the photo:

Celebrating 1237! #Trump2016

A photo posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

This photo was not just funny because Trump is eating McDonalds — it’s also rather ironic because The Donald is on record mocking Diet Coke. In October 2012, he tweeted, “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” Is he mocking himself, as he celebrates his nomination victory?

Trump is notorious for his unhealthy diet, but perhaps that’s another reason why many who would call themselves “average Americans” like him. He is one of them, one of us — eating McDonald’s and Wendy’s and drinking a Diet Coke.

Next Page: The story of his final two delegates is entertaining.

The story of his final two delegates is rather entertaining. John Tandem, a small business owner and an unpledged North Dakota delegate, wanted to be the one to put The Donald over the top. When contacted by an Associated Press reporter, Tandem learned that the delegate count stood at 1,235.


“I’m happy to be No. 1,237,” Tandem said. “But I won’t commit until you’re at 1,236.” Trump needed 1,237 delegates of the 2,474 total to have 50 percent plus one, thus clinching the nomination.

Tandem was on the way to an event with other North Dakota delegates, where they would meet Trump, pushing the real estate tycoon over the top. Reporters wanted to break the story first, so they called and emailed unbound delegates across the country.

Since Tandem would only be “Mister 1,237,” he handed the phone to another delegate, state Representative Ben Koppelman, who was happy to commit to The Donald. After Koppelman became “Mister 1,236,” Tandem happily pledged his support.

Koppelman gave the phone back to Tandem, who pertinently asked, “Are you at 1,236?” When the reporter said yes, he declared, “Then I’m the one!”


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