Rumors: Caitlyn Jenner Having Second Thoughts About Being a Woman

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When former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner announced he was transitioning to becoming a woman, she got a big spread in Vanity Fair — Call Me Caitlyn! Well, in a few years, he might be planning to reverse the big transgender move.


On Wednesday, Ian Halperin, author of Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family, told TheWrap that Caitlyn has considered returning to her identity as Bruce. “One source confirmed to me Caitlyn has made whispers of ‘sex change regret,’ hinting she might go back to being Bruce Jenner,” Haperin said.

A Jenner representative denied these claims, calling Halperin’s remarks the “dumbest statement of the day.” Nevertheless, the author had more than a few statements from sources on background.

“It hasn’t been easy for Caitlyn, it’s been hard,” an anonymous long-time friend of Jenner reportedly told Halperin. “She’s thrilled she has raised awareness about how transgender people have long been discriminated against but I think there’s a chance she’ll de-transition in the next couple years.”

The unnamed source further added, “I don’t think it would surprise anybody in her inner circle. It has been much harder than she anticipated. My heart goes out to her and I know her true friends will be there to support her on whatever path she chooses.”


Halperin added that many sources close to the Kardashian family said Jenner might revert back, partially due to her continuing sexual interest in women. “She’s still into women and wants to meet the right one,” another friend said.

As some have pedantically pointed out, transgenderism is a sexual identity, not a sexual orientation: it has more to do with how you wake up in the morning than whom you sleep with. Nevertheless, it does make sense that a sexual interest in women (based on Jenner’s previous experience as a man) might lead her to want that experience again.

TheWrap noted Jenner’s previous trepidation over the transition. The Vanity Fair story from last June revealed a panic attack Caitlyn experienced after undergoing transgender surgery. She wondered, “What did I just do? What did I just do to myself?”

Halperin’s book reported that Jenner’s ex-wife, Kris Jenner, knew of Bruce’s desire to transition, and allegedly forced him into religious conversion therapy. She attempted to convince him to attend church in order to save their marriage.

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The transgender issue has become increasingly controversial since Caitlyn’s emergence as a woman. People who claim they identify as the gender opposite their biological sex have become a central rallying cry for liberal activists. When the state of North Carolina passed a law restricting multiple-stall restrooms to biological men and women, nearly 100 business leaders sent a threatening letter.

The Department of Justice responded with an injunction, claiming the bill violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964. On Monday, the deadline given by the Justice Department, the state of North Carolina sued the federal government. Over the weekend, Governor Pat McCrory declared that this action was “the federal government being a bully, making law.”

Indeed, many activists have seemingly become blind to the basic facts of what happens when people declare they are transgender and demand equal access to bathrooms and changing rooms. In the case of a male-to-female transition, a biological male is asking to strip alongside biological women, and expects that there will be no awkwardness or fear on their behalf. This is unreasonable, even if the transgender person has absolutely no prurient interest.


This March, a group of pediatricians called youth transgenderism “child abuse,” because it leads children to believe falsehoods about biology and it can cause long-term psychological damage. While the group is a Christian activist organization, it still consists of licensed pediatricians who discuss the dangers of promoting transgenderism.

If Jenner transitions back to being a man, much of the concern about the transgender craze will be given more authority. Bruce-Caitlyn may be a unique case, but the idea of physically altering one’s body to suit a fancy, not matter how well-thought-out and well-intentioned, will always be dangerous.

Let us not judge Caitlyn for this, but merely present the risks and dangers, hoping that the hype will subside and that those who are considering a gender transition take a long, hard look at arguments against it.



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