Trump Predicts Sanders (and Clinton!) Voters Will Back Him Over Hillary

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said that Bernie Sanders voters are likely to cross over and pull the lever for him over Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the November election. This might explain why he says he does not need the Republican Party to be unified in order to win.


Trump put forth this rather idealistic view of politics in an interview with Sean Hannity on Monday night. He suggested that his margin among independents would propel him to victory, with or without a united Republican Party, due to the millennial voters who support Bernie Sanders. Perhaps The Donald has been reading PJ Media’s own John Ellis.

“I think a lot of the young people that are with Bernie Sanders are going to come over to my side because they want jobs and they see what’s happening,” The Donald declared. “Bernie Sanders and I agree on one thing, trade. The difference is that I’ll make great deals out of it, while he doesn’t know what to do.”

Trump’s overconfident attitude may win over angry voters, but his putdowns of Sanders and the Vermont senator’s ideology would seem unlikely to attract the young people who “Feel the Bern.” The Donald openly declared that Sanders is “a socialist, he doesn’t know what to do,” but “I’ll make great deals out of it.”

Both Sanders and Trump have criticized the trade deals made by the last few administrations, complaining that an ideology of free trade has allowed foreign countries to take advantage of the United States and has led to outsourcing of high-paying jobs overseas. The evidence of trade does not necessarily support this view, but populism rarely depends on accurate statistics.


Trump also predicted that “a lot of the people who are with Hillary are going to vote for me, certainly the independents and people who have never voted before.” Talk about an interesting theory: people who supported Clinton in the Democratic primary are going to vote for Trump, because they’re independents. What is he smoking, and how do I get some?

In all fairness, Trump’s stream-of-consciousness declaration is likely meant to separate Hillary voters from independents and “people who have never voted before.” Even so, he seems a bit overconfident — maybe just a tad. Many new voters have also turned out to vote against Trump, and primary turnout has no impact on the general election.

When Fox host Sean Hannity asked Trump if he thinks he needs a united Republican Party to win in November, The Donald essentially said no. “I think I can win without a perfectly united party,” he declared. There you have it, folks — Trump is openly declaring he doesn’t need the GOP, and is relying on Democrats and independents to win the November election. If you wanted to prove National Review and the #NeverTrump crowd absolutely right, you could barely have done better than that.


Nevertheless, Trump said he would unite the Republican Party, and the whole country — heck the world for that matter! “My whole life has been about unification,” he declared. Is that what his ex-wives think?

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