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Gun Control Is a Pointless Debate... But Here We Go Again

A gun with an American flag and the Constitution

This debate is over. It's been over for a very long time. Gun laws have been getting less strict, not more, as people wise up to the reality that bad guys will always have guns. Even Chicago, the home of the famous handgun ban, had to give up that stupid fantasy and allow conceal carry laws after an outcry from terrorized residents tired of being shot at while they're unarmed.

Most people disobeyed the laws anyway, carrying illegally for self-defense. (It should be noted that Chicago aldermen always got special licenses to carry when no one else could.)

No mass shooting attack is going to cause the pro-Second Amendment side to waver. A famous saying among us is, "You don't get to shoot us and then take away our guns." We aren't giving up our self-defense rights. No amount of screeching, finger pointing, slander, defamation, or tantrums is going to make us budge.

As a nation, we are at an impasse. This debate is over. You want to take away our guns and we won't let you. Considering that there are an estimated 300 million guns in America, we have the stronger position, which is exactly the point of the Second Amendment. You can cry about muskets (a favorite argument being that we should only be allowed to have the same weapons as the Founders carried) or about "assault rifles" (which don't exist) or about "Uzis" (which are already illegal), and it won't make one iota of difference in our position. All you're going to hear from us is a resounding "No."

No candlelight vigil or parade of weeping children or victims will persuade us to disarm, because we are not the problem -- and we know it. The problem resides in the hearts of evil men and women. There is no law that will address the core issue. Blaming good people who have never broken laws for the actions of the lawless and mentally ill makes no logical sense. We have heard all your poorly constructed arguments. The answer is still "No."

You can march out the late-night comedians (who will forget they were hired to entertain people) and have them try to shame us into compliance all you want. You can get your Hollywood actors to make a PSA with sad music and stinging insults and it will make no headway. You can even trot out someone in a wheelchair, the way the Left is fond of doing, to use him or her for political gain — and it will go nowhere.

There is a line across which you do not step. We're there and we've been there for a long time, guarding that line. Go ahead and try to step over it at your peril. Gun-owning Americans made a decision a long time ago to die for the right to bear arms, punctuated by Charlton Heston's famous battle cry, "From my cold dead hands!"