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Half of America Wants the Other Half to Die in a Hurricane

Palm Tree Being Blown Hurricane

Hurricane Irma has left death and destruction in her wake and Hurricane Jose is right behind her promising more. Entire islands have been destroyed, families torn apart, and property wiped out. This crippling devastation so close to the last hurricane in Texas, from which people are still reeling, is tough to take. These people require our unceasing prayers and help, not scorn and snark.

So who would be cold-blooded enough to savage hurricane victims? Rabid sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). These are people who were so blindsided by a Clinton loss that they can't see past their election night rage and are wishing destruction on all the Trump voters in Florida along with Trump properties. I don't want to be neighbors with these kinds of people anymore.

Who raised them?

They're rooting...for the hurricane.

Is this how civil wars start? Because it sure feels like it could be. I can't imagine the kind of hate that is harbored in a heart that wishes for half of their countrymen to die violently. I'm disgusted thinking that I may be shopping next to some of these people in the grocery store. I used to care about the other side. I used to think they were good people with wrong ideas. But these days they keep proving they are evil people with evil ideas.

This solidifies to those of us over here, praying and calling friends and watching the hurricane path with horror, that we don't have anything in common with them anymore. We don't share culture or common heroes with them anymore. Twenty years ago there wasn't a person on either side who wouldn't praise Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. Today we find ourselves begging them not to vandalize Mt. Rushmore. We used to value law and order; today they are in the streets demanding anarchy. We can't even watch football with them anymore without a protest against our flag, which they hate.

They're sitting on Twitter as the hurricane tears toward Florida hoping people will die.