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USC Allegedly Hiding Video Exonerating Expelled Student of Abuse Charge

The University of Southern California seems to be involved in a soon-to-be case study of Title IX abuse. The school appears bound and determined to deny former USC football player Matt Boermeester due process on an allegation that he abused his former girlfriend.

In this case, the allegation was not made by the alleged victim, tennis team captain Zoe Katz: in fact, Katz has been adamant that she was not abused. USC apparently has threatened and punished her for not following script.

Now it appears that USC has video evidence exonerating Boermeester -- yet the university is allegedly concealing it, according to a report at The College Fix:

The incident, which Boermeester characterized as “loud, consensual horseplay,” took place in January after he kicked the game-winning field goal in the Rose Bowl.

Boermeester’s petition to the court says USC has surveillance video that he and Katz have viewed that shows “nothing untoward occurred” in the alley where they were roughhousing -- but that the university refuses to give their representatives a copy.

It also failed to make “audio recordings or transcripts of witness interviews,” and wouldn’t give Boermeester copies of documents or evidence.

Yes, plenty of abused women deny witness claims for various reasons, including fear.

However, there's another group of women who deny abuse claims, and that's women who were never abused.

If this video evidence exists and USC fails to produce it, this isn't just a case of overzealous prosecution. This is a school destroying the life and reputation of a young man and woman for ideological or propagandistic reasons.