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Those Who Walk Away From Feminism

As a woman, (according to the State Department) a minority, and an individualist, I feel the need to weigh in on the whole James Damore controversy.

I feel like what’s being discussed isn’t even close to what is actually going on.  In fact, as with many things that are cherished by the left, I feel their “diversity” isn’t diversity at all, and their social engineering attempts fail because they’re not doing what they say they’re doing.

First, and before I get into details here, James Damore did not say what most people think he said.  He did not say women are unsuited for tech jobs.  He did not say women only have tech jobs due to affirmative action.  That is all bullshit piled on by those mau-mauing him, in an effort to expel someone whose questioning made them uncomfortable.

Why it made them uncomfortable is the fascinating part of all this.

It makes them uncomfortable because it shatters the brittle shell of their enforced narrative, which can only be kept by keeping everyone from saying anything against it.  It is very much a “the king is naked” situation.  If James Damore is allowed to say men and women are different, the entire project of feminism shatters.

And yet everyone who doesn’t live in academia or in a social justice echo chamber knows that men and women are different.

I am not a biologist by profession, but for my writing I read a lot about brain chemistry/development/genetics and I have a group of “sources” who are professional researchers or scholars.

Recently a trans friend told me that she/he knew he was always meant to be a male, because the testosterone made his thinking so much clearer.  And I was shocked.  Not at what he said, but because this person, undergoing this intrusive a process, hadn’t been told that IS an effect of testosterone.

To simplify to a horrible degree, testosterone makes people think more quickly, more directly, and from point to point, while estrogen makes people think more deeply and more connectedly -- and their thinking looks more like a series of decision branches and looping-back sub-branches (amply obvious to anyone who reads my posts).

Now, “men” and “women” are such broad classes that you’ll find no man and no woman fits the stereotype exactly (which allows idiots to become convinced there are fifty genders because they think we’re each a can whose contents much match the stereotypical label).  When I say something like “men are larger than women,” this will fail if the man is from a small breed and the woman from a large breed.  Or not, because every breed has sports.

That said, there are ranges, and if you do not recognize that they’re ranges, you’re as blind as those who see only the label and not the exceptions.