'Anti-Fascists' Applaud Speech Made Completely of Hitler Quotes

Anti-fascists claim, obviously, that they oppose "fascism." Just as obviously, I needed to put the word in quotes because the vast majority of them don't have a clue what it is. They hear someone who's proud of their country, immediately associate that person with Hitler, and scream the word as if it's some sort of talisman designed to ward off Nazis.

This video from their Impeach Trump rally on July 2, 2017, illustrates the idiocy perfectly:

That's right: these "Anti-fascists" are applauding a speech made up completely of quotes from none other than Adolf Hitler. The only edits made were simply to tailor it for the audience -- which doesn't seem to be bothered by Hitler's rhetoric in the least.

Why is that?

First, people know Hitler hated Jews and blamed them for, well, everything. Since the speech didn't mention Jews, there was nothing for them to make the connection with.