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Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Turns Against Trump: 'It's a Betrayal of His Campaign'

In a video he uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, alt-right leader (and white supremacist) Richard Spencer turned against Donald Trump, whom he supported rather passionately during last year's presidential campaign.

The reason Spencer is angry with Trump is obvious: the president had the audacity to carry out airstrikes against Assad's forces in Syria. Since Assad is an ally of Vladimir Putin -- whom the alt-right worships -- this is apparently a deadly sin.

"This is a betrayal of the meaning of his candidacy," Spencer complains. "He ran on America first, we're not going to do all that crap of Barack Obama, Libya, all that kind of stuff. We're not going to do all those disastrous wars of George W. Bush. No, it's different. It's America first," Spencer summarizes Trump's campaign message.

According to Spencer, Trump broke that promise by bombing Assad's forces.

The controversial Putin cheerleader continues by saying that this proves there is a grand conspiracy going on!

I kid you not.

This proves that Donald Trump is not in control. And no, I'm not saying that this is some kind of conspiracy theory [which he actually does], that the lizards are in control... I mean that Donald Trump is not fully in control of his presidency. He is controlled by some -- perhaps the best scenario -- he is controlled by some extremely short-sighted calculus that he's going to wag the dog, create some war, distract people, or seem tough, or destroy the Russian narrative, or whatever.

And then he starts on the globalists, although he seems to confuse "being in control of" with "being controlled by," which he does several times in the video, after which he corrects himself a few times:

He's in control of the globalist international community that has been yammering about the removal of Assad for years. He's being controlled by neoconservative operatives. I have to say, I thought these guys has been humiliated.

But no. Those darned neocons (which is alt-right speak for Jews) are back:

I feel like I'm in a *** timewarp when I see Paul Wolfowitz [a Jewish foreign policy expert] is writing op-eds for the Wall Street Journal again. I mean, what in the hell happened?

Next, Spencer takes aim at Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley, both of whom he apparently considers to be evil incarnate. Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is also blamed for Trump's Syria policy. As everybody knows, Kushner, like Wolfowitz, is Jewish, which -- of course -- makes him an ideal target for the antisemitic alt-right movement.