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The Alt-Right Is Evil and Must Be Opposed

The ascendancy of Donald Trump has dragged the amorphous "alt-right" from the shadows of internet obscurity to coalesce as a legitimate political force. What is the alt-right? That depends upon whom you ask. The one consistent characteristic seems to be a politics defined by white racial identity. YouTuber "ramzpaul" explains:

The people at that Trump rally weren't there because Trump was promising lower taxes. They were there literally to try to maintain their survival, their survival as a people, as Americans, because Trump was the first one to say that - yeah - he would build a wall to keep out illegal Mexicans. I don't know if that's enough to help, but at least it'd be something, because people are so desperate to maintain their way of life, to maintain their families, the America they knew. It doesn't mean they hate Mexicans, but they don't want this country to turn into Mexico. That's how they see it. That's why they were there at that rally.

So for [conservatives] to talk about economic tax plans -- these people are trying to fight for their survival. And that's really the alt right. That's what really binds us together... It's not taxes that they're concerned about. They're concerned about who they are.

Who they are is white people. That's how they define themselves, by racial identity.

When called racist, the alt-right deflects by pointing to social justice warriors. Look at all these groups openly antagonistic to white people, they exhort. Look at the attacks on so-called "white privilege" and white men and white culture. How is it racist to push back against that?

They have a point, to an extent. Logically, it cannot be racist to oppose racism. To the extent social justice warriors are racist, and they are, they should be vehemently opposed. The problem with the alt-right is that they do not fundamentally oppose racial identity politics. They merely substitute one brand of it for another.