'Trump Trance'? Media Sure It 'Heard' Sweden Comment Trump Never Said

This article starts with some homework. I want you to watch this video:

If you have been a devoted reader of my Buddhism pieces, you have already seen this, so don't give the punchline away to the rest of the class.

Most all of you seeing this naively -- not aware of what is going to happen -- will have seen the little basketball exercise, and very few of you will have seen the moonwalking bear. Hell, I know what is happening and without consciously doing the Zen thing I still get sucked in. The point is that perception is altered by our thinking. One of the goals of Buddhist meditation is to make us aware of this -- not stop it, because we can't, that's the way we're built, but to be aware of it.

The furor about the Trump presidency has gotten to the point that people are literally (and I don't mean figuratively literally, I mean literally literally) seeing and hearing things that aren't there, just as in the video.

The truly glaring example this week was the succession of articles about Trump "lying" about a terrorist attack in Sweden. It's been widely reported, even on the one paragon of truth in American politics, PJ Media.

There's only one problem.

It didn't happen.