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Trump's 'Nuke the Moon' Image Works

Yesterday I was on a private Facebook group, and we were discussing this “fantasy of impeachment” from lefty pundit Sally Kohn:

There it is. The snowflake’s delusion. Impeach Trump and Pence, get Hillary and Ryan to run against each other, ?????????, President Clinton.

This admittedly enchanting illusion ignores the fact that you can’t impeach two people at once and that, even if you managed to impeach both Trump and Pence, Ryan would simply become president without any runoff, and in fact, that if you impeached Ryan too, there would be a line of succession to go on. It also ignores the fact that, on any given day, given a head start of ten points (or more; they DID go all out) of media favoritism, Hillary couldn’t beat a syphilitic camel. It, in fact, ignores the fact that “that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.”

But, more importantly to me, those who are scheming and trying to “Nixon” Trump are missing an important and distinguishing factor between the two Republican presidents (perhaps because all Republicans look alike to them).

That important distinguishing factor is as follows: Trump is not Nixon.

I know, I just blew your mind, right?

Admittedly, I’m not a student of Nixon, but I’ve read a bio or two, as well as references to him in fiction of the time. Also, my friend who lived through the impeachment gave me some perspective on the whole thing when Clinton was in the process of being impeached. (I lived through the Nixon impeachment too, but I was in Portugal, and young, of which the greatest handicap was the first. If you think our media is leftist -- and it is -- you must understand European media make it look like Drudge or Breitbart.) My friend said that Clinton wouldn’t step down because he didn’t have Nixon’s personality. When things turned sour -- according to this friend, and not contradicted by what I’ve read -- Nixon went paranoid and closed up, creating a sort of “fortress White House” and making the cover-up far worse than the crime.

Billy Jeff, on the other hand, smirked through his impeachment, mealy-mouthed the meaning of “is” and continued being president after what should have been a death blow, because … well, because he had no principles or shame or anything to prevent him from continuing to exert power.

Which brings us to Trump.

I don’t need to tell people here that I was against Trump before I was for him. In fact, I only decided to vote for him the week before the election, and only because knowing what I did about Hillary, I thought it was likely that a Hillary win would be a boulder rolled over the grave of the republic. (And everyone who’s been to Boulder knows how hard it is for anyone, even someone wrongly buried, to dig through that many hippies to get out.)