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Italy Appears On Course to Leave the EU

Is Italeave fast approaching? From the looks of it, it could be!

The future is looking increasingly bright for those of us who are rooting for the downfall of the European Union and, especially, the grand Europroject, which has caused more human suffering in Europe than almost every other megalomaniac project in history. British Prime Minister Theresa May wants to lead her country out of the EU as soon as she can and already has the backing of Parliament. That's wonderful enough, but it gets even better: according to the latest polls, eurosceptic parties could very well win the elections in Italy.

An analysis of the political setup in Italy shows eurosceptics are on the verge of taking control of the country.

The only missing ingredient is an early election. And early elections are now the odds-on favorite.

In normal circumstances, new elections would be held in 2018. However, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi -- who leads the Italian Democrat Party (PD) -- is calling for early elections. His thinking is obvious and purely Machiavellian: because he was forced to resign last year after he lost the referendum on a proposed change to the Italian constitution, he fears he'll be replaced as leader of the PD if he gives his internal enemies more time. Additionally, the leader of the populist Five Star Movement, Beppe Grillo, is also calling for early elections because he believes that he'll win them. Recent polls indicate he could very well be right:

As the Zero Hedge website explains, most pollsters have a reputation for overestimating the Democrats and underestimating Grillo's Five Star Movement (M5). Considering the marginal difference between the two parties in most polls, that's an important disclaimer. But there's more to this story. According to Italian observers and Zero Hedge, the PD could very well break apart into a pro-Renzi faction and a faction that opposes him. The latter believe they can draw away almost half of Renzi's voters if they create their own left-wing party, which is what they threaten to do if Renzi goes ahead and agrees to early elections.