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Mother of Berlin Butcher Anis Amri: 'They Didn't Have to Kill Him!'

The mother of Anis Amri -- or as I prefer to call him: the radical Islamic butcher of Berlin -- is very, very heartbroken. Not because her son carried out a horrendous terror attack in Berlin, but because Italian police officers had the audacity to kill her poor baby boy.

I kid you not:

Family members have questioned the need to kill the terrorist.

His mother said: "With him is a great secret. They killed him, and buried the secret with him."

You see, according to Amri's dear mother, her son wouldn't hurt a fly. Someone must have manipulated him into it. Or forced him to murder 12 innocent people. The poor, poor guy.

She called on authorities to unearth who had put her son up to the attack, stating: "I want the truth about my son. Who was behind him?"

Obviously, it must be someone else's fault. Because we all know that there's no such thing as a radical Muslim terrorist, now is there? Nope, it must be some grand conspiracy. And if anyone disagrees, it just proves they're part of that grand (anti-Islamic!) conspiracy themselves!

Amri's brother also weighed in:

My brother is dead. Bring us his remains, even one of his fingers, and I will put it in my pocket. They killed him when he was still only a suspect. Why?

Well, how about this, Abdel Kader: he attacked the Italian police officers when they wanted to ask him some questions. He was gunned down while was shouting "Allahu Akhbar." Is that perhaps a sufficient explanation or do you need more?

If so, how about his decision to hijack a truck and use it to murder 12 people, wounding dozens more? Strangely, the police don't take risks with mass murderers. They hope to take them in alive, but if they can't, well, so be it.

These family members can spare me their tears. I've got no interest in them. Amri's mother raised a terrorist. Instead of crying about his death, she should be dragged in front of a judge to explain how her "dear son" could've ended up a terrorist butcher of innocent civilians. The same goes for Abdel Kader: let him explain in court why he's defending rather than condemning his brother, the psychopath. As far as I'm concerned, this entire family is now suspect.

Don't like that? Too bad. Perhaps you should've spent some time talking about all those innocent Germans who were killed on Monday instead of about your dead son/brother who killed them in cold blood.