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Man Dresses as ISIS Fighter, Crosses Border Unchallenged Between Denmark and Germany

According to Danish authorities, controls have been put in place on Denmark's southern border with Germany to help stem the flow of immigrants trying to get into the country. Of course, these controls should also help stop possible terrorists who may want to cross the border.


Sadly, however, it seems that the "controls" aren't very effective. A Danish citizen says he dressed as an ISIS fighter, while carrying an ISIS flag and a fake gun, and crossed the border several times without anyone even asking him a question or two:

The man, dressed as an Isis fighter with a fake gun and the terror network’s flag, claims in a video to have crossed the border several times.


In his several alleged crossings back and forth between the two countries, not once is he stopped or questioned by any authorities.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, has not been verified and it is not clear where exactly it was filmed. It comes almost a week after Isis claimed responsibility for the , which claimed 12 lives and injured many more, on Monday.

Assuming the video is authentic -- and any person with any basic knowledge of Europe knows it could very well be -- it doesn't surprise me in the least. It's shocking, yes, but not surprising. European governments are doing little to nothing about the terror threat. They talk a great deal about all the different kinds of measures they're going to take, but they don't actually do anything.