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Perfect Irony: Fidel Castro's Hearse Breaks Down, Mid-Procession

The late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's funeral took place this weekend, and the hearse carrying his body broke down mid-procession -- and soldiers needed to push it the rest of the way. Twitter users called it "an Econ teacher's dream-come-true for a metaphor."

While this seems to confirm conservatives' criticism of Cuba's economy, it wasn't just conservatives reporting on the event. In The Huffington Post's report, Ed Mazza found a way to blame the United States: "Breakdowns are common in Cuba, where the longtime U.S. trade embargo has limited the number of new cars in the country. Many of the vehicles on the road are decades old."

But also fittingly, the vehicle was reportedly Russian-built (perhaps even Soviet-built).

Here are a few of the pictures from the scene:

Some will persist in defending Castro, no matter how many of his own people he killed, imprisoned, or prevented from escaping to the United States. Some will praise him as helping "spiritual work" despite his 30-year canceling of Christmas.

But like the Cubans in Miami who celebrated Castro's passing, many of us will remember this moment — when the dictator's Russian-made hearse stopped moving, and all of Cuba couldn't get it to run again.