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Clinton Advisor Told Hillary to Stop Lying About Bernie

In an email from March, an advisor to the Clinton campaign warned that Hillary Clinton should stop lying about her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders. The email, released by WikiLeaks in "The Podesta Emails" (a compilation of Internet records involving Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta), warned that if Clinton kept misrepresenting Sanders, she would risk losing his supporters in November.

Brent J. Budowsky, a former congressional staffer and current liberal blogger who has written for The Hill, the LA Progressive, and The Huffington Post, suggested that Sanders should team up with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to raise money for Clinton's campaign in November. Then comes this bombshell:

Beyond this Hillary should stop attacking Bernie, especially when she says things that are untrue, which candidly she often does. I am one of the people with credibility to suggest Bernie people support her in November, and she and Benenson and others have no idea of the damage she does to herself with these attacks, which she does not gain by making.

Budowsky wanted to urge the Bernie Bros to declare, "I'm with her," but he feared — rightly — that if Clinton kept attacking Sanders, she might lose some of his supporters.

Next Page: A look at Clinton's opposition research against Sanders.