Social Justice Warriors Whine Over 'Cultural Appropriation' at Fiction Festival

In the era of the Social Justice Warrior, everyone is expected to walk on egg shells. They simply demand everyone live according to their rules at all times, and don't you ever, EVER question the orthodoxy one iota.

At a literary convention, fiction writer Lionel Shriver raised a thoughtful point challenging the SJW's logic-bending, bigoted, racist nonsense of "cultural appropriation."

If you haven't heard of it, "cultural appropriation" is the insane idea that your genes and your life experiences define the only things you can do in this life without being offensive. Asian? Don't you dare perform traditional African drum music. Male? Don't you dare put a female character in your screenplay.

It's as racist and bigoted as it gets, straight from those supposed defenders of equality.

Anyway, here's how a livid SJW writer responded to Shriver in the Guardian:

What did [Lionel] Shriver say in her keynote that could drive a woman who has heard every slur under the sun to discard social convention and make such an obviously political exit?

Her question was -- or could have been -- an interesting question: What are fiction writers “allowed” to write, given they will never truly know another person’s experience?

Not every crime writer is a criminal, Shriver said, nor is every author who writes on sexual assault a rapist. “Fiction, by its very nature,” she said, “is fake.”

There is a fascinating philosophical argument here. Instead, however, that core question was used as a straw man. Shriver’s real targets were cultural appropriation, identity politics and political correctness. It was a monologue about the right to exploit the stories of “others”, simply because it is useful for one’s story.

Wow.  Sounds kind of serious, doesn't it? Of course, normal people understand Shriver is correct: it's impossible to tell what is fair game for "appropriation" and what isn't.