Man Dressed as Woman Caught Taking Pictures of Woman in Target Dressing Room

restroom sign with man, woman, transgender images

A man who claims to identify as a woman was caught taking pictures of a woman in the dressing room of an Idaho Falls Target Tuesday.

Idaho Falls resident Sean P. Smith, 43, who also goes by the name "Shauna Patricia Smith," was arrested on one count of felony voyeurism after taking a series of pictures of the woman while she was changing, according to Bonneville County Sgt. Bryan Lovell.

Via East Idaho News:

A woman told them a man, dressed in women’s clothing, had entered a fitting room in the women’s clothing section of the store. Deputies say the suspect was seen taking photos of a woman in a stall next to him while she was changing.

“The woman was begging for help as she chased the man out the door,” a witness inside the store, who asked not to be named, tells “She kept saying she wanted those pictures deleted.”

The suspect, later identified as Smith, left the store, and Lovell says detectives located him Tuesday afternoon.

Lovell says detectives are investigating to see if there are other victims.

The man is reportedly being held in the Bonneville County Jail under his real name, Sean P. Smith, rather than his preferred name, "Shauna Patricia Smith."

I'm confused because we were told that these pro-transgender bathroom policies would not lead to stories like this one. After the Obama administration in April imposed a directive requiring schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms of their choice under the threat of losing federal funding, Target showed its solidarity by announcing their own misguided "inclusive" policy of allowing customers and employees to use "the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity." Compassionate libs shouted down the "ignorant bigots" who predicted that sexual predators might take advantage of policies that allow them to gain access to their victims in vulnerable bathroom/dressing room/shower settings. But the example of Sean Smith is just one of many other stories in the news.

Via the American Family Association (AFA), here are a few other recent examples of males taking advantage of liberal transgender policies -- mostly at Targets: