Annual Onslaught of LibMedia Think Pieces Expressing Bitterness About 4th of July Fun Begins

If you, like most Americans, are eagerly anticipating enjoying one or more Independence Day festivities, you probably feel pretty normal, and you should. The 4th of July is the greatest national birthday party in the world every year and a country that already doesn't need much of an excuse to spend quality time with grills and beer coolers really does it up right. It's a day or two filled with pure, unadulterated joy and fun.

Naturally, modern American liberals HATE that.

American leftists today seem to have genetic resistance to joy. If that joy is brought about by anything patriotic, their pinched psyches violently reject it. Given that, it is easy to see why Independence Day makes them plumb the depths of their characteristic misery every year.

I happened upon one story this morning that perfectly exemplified this and, while still pre-coffee and groggy, figured I could easily find more. Within a few minutes, I had three and decided that was enough of a representative sample for this post.

Exhibit A is provided by the same journalist who recently soiled himself while firing a weapon that 115 lb female shooters regularly handle with ease. After doing hardcore journalism to discover that guns are loud, he has decided that "God Bless America" scares him even more than AR-15s do. He really thinks he is doing...wait, it can't be "God's work" important stuff:

Here is a brief, but still painful, excerpt from the word-barf Kuntzman is so proud of:

It’s time for God to stop blessing America during the seventh-inning stretch. Welcome to the July 4 holiday weekend — when once again, baseball fans will be assaulted by the saccharine-sweet non-anthem “God Bless America” at stadia all over this great land. But no matter which home team you root, root, root for, “God Bless America” should be sent permanently to the bench.

Even though this may not precisely be related to the holiday, Kuntzman still mentions it. Let's be honest though: many teams still play the song at every game, and there are plenty of other holiday weekends for which the other teams break it out. He just needed to whine about Independence Day all the while pretending that's not what he is really doing. Kuntzman also trots out statistics showing how offensive "God Bless America" is to liberals and atheists, which inadvertently makes the case that maybe it should be played between all the innings.