Democrats Can't Even Get 'Gawker' to Support Their Stupid Sit-In

Good thing nothing embarrasses them.

After Democrats in the Senate staged a filibuster in support of gun control measures, their colleagues in the House have begun a “sit-in” aimed at embarrassing Republicans into allowing a vote on a measure that would restrict the ability of suspected terrorists to legally buy guns. The move is fantastic political theater. It’s also a tremendous waste of popular support and activist energy in support of a measure that isn’t just ineffective but also actively offensive.

The Democratic proposal has been catch-phrased and hashtagged as “no fly, no buy,” because it would prevent people who end up on government terrorism watchlists, including the “no fly list,” from purchasing firearms. This would do little to reduce gun violence, but it would add an additional layer of surveillance and government scrutiny to a particular class of people.

That's rough. They can't even get the support of whacked out leftist purveyors of revenge porn. That's how thoroughly awful the idea of denying 2nd Amendment rights via secret government list is.

It's also, sadly, quite indicative of how out of touch with the American people those elected to represent them are. Yes, a lot of this is the fault of the voters, most of whom don't really understand what these Beltway power grabs will eventually add up to.