Under Merkel, Germany Reverting to Its Fascist Roots

After the war, the new Federal Republic went to great lengths to make sure public campaigns of vilification against defenseless minorities would be difficult-to-illegal. But what began as a measure to protect the Jews has now morphed into a mechanism to defend Islamic supremacy:

One of the founders of the German anti-immigration group PEGIDA went on trial Tuesday, charged with incitement over Facebook posts in which he allegedly called foreigners "cattle" and "trash."

Lutz Bachmann's trial at the district court in the eastern city of Dresden is scheduled to last until May 10. Incitement can carry a prison sentence of up to five years. Bachmann is accused of trying to incite Germans against refugees with the social media posts in September 2014.

Bachmann expressed regret shortly after the postings - and photos of him posing as Adolf Hitler - surfaced. He described them as "ill-considered comments that I wouldn't make in this way today" and apologized for harming PEGIDA. Bachmann has denied the charges, saying the trial is "purely politically motivated" and meant to discredit him and the group. His lawyer, Katja Reichel, rejected the charges in court Tuesday, saying he didn't write the postings attributed to him.

The genius of the modern Left is to first create a provocation -- say, flooding the most important Christian country in the heart of Europe with Muslim "immigrants" -- dare anyone to overreact, or even react, and then punish them. It's diabolical, really.