Alex Jones' Civil War Prediction Flops

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Alex Jones is always good for a laugh. While the Left loves to hold him up as some key right-leaning leader, most of us look at him and chuckle. The stuff that’s been said on his show through the years just boggles the human mind.


His most recent prediction? That the Left would launch a civil war on Independence Day:

And just how was Jones digging in and getting ready for the war that was likely to tear our nation apart? Oh, he was going to host a livestream.

This isn’t the first time Jones has been party to a civil war prediction that fizzled out, either. Last year, Infowars reported that leftists were looking to spark a civil war on November 4. What happened?

Not much, really.

At this point, the only surprising thing is that anyone pays any attention to Alex Jones.

I’m sure someone will claim that him breaking the “news” could have ruined the rebels’ plans, but if I were going to start a civil war, the first thing I’d do would be to leak the information to Jones. Him announcing it was happening would probably be the most effective way to convince the authorities there was nothing to worry about.


I actually think he’s sincere. I don’t think he’s a scammer, or anything of the sort. I just think he’s gullible. I suspect people are feeding him nonsense stories just to screw with him.

If a war is looming — and I won’t rule a new civil war out by any stretch — it won’t be the kind of thing that starts on a particular day. It won’t have formally declared sides with different uniforms and defined territories. It’ll be an ugly guerrilla war featuring things like assassinations, terrorist attacks, and the like.

But for Jones, it’s whatever his sources tell him it is, regardless of how trustworthy those sources are.


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