CNN Blasted for 'Sexist' Coverage of YouTube Shooting

(AP Photo/Ric Feld,File)

It looks like the YouTube shooter was upset over YouTube policies — and ones that had nothing to do with firearms.

However, CNN speculated that perhaps this was part of a love triangle, or something similar. That speculation did not go over well:


There’s something annoying about the media making a mass shooting all about gender. It’s really wrong to look at a shooting and assume gender played any role at all in what happened. I mean, what kind of monster does that kind of thing?

The shooter was apparently angry about her videos being demonetized, and was lashing out at YouTube for what she thought was some kind of personal slight. She really was crazy, and while she has a Middle Eastern name, there’s no evidence that this is anything other than a troubled person shooting up a company over something her mind cooked up.


Luckily, the ladies out there don’t have to deal with stories about “toxic feminism” and how they can’t be trusted as things currently stand. How they need to be completely reeducated to be just like men if we want to end this kind of violence.

However, women did just get an inkling of what it’s like to have gender thrust into a news story for no reason whatsoever.

Unfortunately, I’m not delusional enough to think many of those angry at CNN’s sexist coverage see the hypocrisy in how they react to male shooters.


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