The Left's 'My Body, My Choice' Slogan Goes Missing on 'Right To Try'

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When the subject of abortion comes up, pro-abortion Democrats have long chanted “my body, my choice.” It’s the entire movement’s argument boiled down into four words.


However, it’s not just a flawed-on-the-drawing-board argument for abortion. The truth is that Democrats don’t even believe it, anyway.

Almost all opposition to a bill that would allow terminally ill patients the right to try unproven experimental treatments is coming from Democrats. Republican leaders were trying to fast-track the bill, but could not reach the threshold of votes required without Democrat support.

The New York Times reports: “Most of the opposition came from Democrats, who said the bill gave false hope to patients and could actually endanger people dying of incurable diseases, because it would undermine protections provided by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Hold on — they don’t want people facing death to experience hope?

Isn’t it only “false hope” if the drug has already been proven to not work? Otherwise, it’s real hope.

And “endanger people dying of incurable diseases”? What’s it going to do, kill them?

Representative Frank Pallone Jr. of New Jersey, the senior Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee, reportedly said: “By defeating this bill tonight, we protected patients and supported F.D.A.’s continued role in approving experimental treatments that may help save a patient’s life.”

Again, these are people who are going to die otherwise. And it’s not like they are asking for the right to try drinking three liters of vodka to cure end-stage cancer.


Oh, right — that’s because they already have the right to try that.

But they need the government’s approval to try a treatment that — and I’m just guessing here — couldn’t possibly cause as much damage as drinking three liters of vodka?

My body, my choice.

I have no doubt that the people who want these treatments right away understand the risks.  They’re usually better versed in their diagnosis and treatment regimens than the overworked doctors monitoring them. They also can understand the logic: 100% chance of death if they don’t do something vs. an unknown chance of death if they do.

However, House Democrats denied them that. Once again, Democrats showed that they don’t believe in individual rights. They don’t care about patients’ wishes.

They literally just sided with 100% chance of death vs. real hope.

“We will try again, pass legislation and bring hope to those whose only desire is the right to try to live,” said California Republican Kevin McCarthy.


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