CNN's Cuomo: No Room for Centrists in Democratic Party

Tom Perez speaks during the general session of the DNC winter meeting in Atlanta, Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017. (AP Photo/Branden Camp)

Democrats may feel like they’re flying high from recent wins in places like Virginia, but there’s plenty of cause for concern. The party is shifting more and more toward the left. It is now the domain of the social justice radical rather than the old working-class, union-backed Democrat.


It’s not just the right that’s noticing it, either.

Speaking on CNN’s New Day, Chris Cuomo commented on the state of the Democratic Party following an interview with former Vice President Joe Biden. Cuomo was less than optimistic.

“You were joking, saying, ‘Hey, you mentioned your father, not your brother.’ Fair point,” Cuomo — the son of Mario and brother of Andrew — argued. He added, “I think both of them are in the same box. I do believe that their party is not moving toward the center; it is moving toward the Left. And I don’t know that there’s room for a [New York Governor Andrew] Cuomo or a Biden in terms of where that party is going right now. Joe disagrees.”

I wouldn’t classify either Biden or Andrew Cuomo as centrist, but they certainly aren’t Leftist radicals like DNC chair Tom Perez.

The Democratic Party embraced the more radical elements of the progressive movement during the Obama administration. Once upon a time, it was considered too radical for even most Democrats to support a government-administered healthcare system or open borders immigration. Now, these issues are two uncompromising platforms for the entire party.


The Democrats have shifted further and further to the Left, to the point that a tax-and-spend liberal like Joe Biden now sounds like a centrist. Let that sink in: Joe Biden, one of the most liberal senators of his day, is the right wing of his party.

I’m sorry, but that’s downright terrifying. It raises the stakes for the midterm elections later this year, to say nothing of 2020.

The last thing America needs is an unabashed socialist Democratic Party taking the House. We already know that would be the end of Trump’s legislative victories. But if the manage to retake the White House with all the old-guard Democrats gone, the ramifications would be worse than Obama’s tenure.

And that’s putting it mildly.


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