U. of Chicago Students Demand 'Diversity and Inclusion' Graduation Requirement

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Social Justice Warriors believe they can make you comply. There’s nothing they like more than forcing people to endure their indoctrination, which is why so many places of business and education now require people to sit through social justice training.


Colleges are their favorite target. After all, most students are young enough to be impressionable. They might actually buy into the nonsense.

The thing is, even at college most students aren’t going to prioritize such things. The demand isn’t there. So SJW students at the University of Chicago are demanding a “diversity and inclusion” requirement for graduation.

A group calling itself UChicago United has presented 51(!) demands to the school, and one of them is this requirement. They claim the school “has consistently failed to meet the needs of its marginalized students,” and, as such, must take “action to build accessible campus resources and measures of accountability to support the creation of an environment that minority students are able to lay claim to as their own.”

As Campus Reform notes: “In total, 51 demands are listed within the petition and endorsed by seven student organizations that are insisting the university establish a ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ graduation requirement. The requirement would start with the class of 2022 and be primarily focused on ‘US-centric structural oppression, such as race, gender, and sexuality.'”

UChicago United says they want to make the university “anti-racist.” By now, we all know what that’s code for: they don’t want conservative ideas to be spoken on campus. They’re calling for an environment that will be punishing for non-Leftist views. Leftists have spent years criticizing every conservative position as “racist,” and believe America’s freedom of speech is part of the problem.


The United States already has laws explicitly barring discrimination against women and minorities. No country on earth has put more resources towards ending real discrimination. But acknowledging that this nation is a free country would end their drive towards what they really want: Socialism. Cultural Marxism.

They’re hoping that by requiring people to attend indoctrination programs disguised as classes, they’ll eventually convert people to their cancerous ideology. Of course, they never consider that people wouldn’t need to be indoctrinated if the BS being pushed wasn’t so easily dismissed. I bet a “horrors of socialism” history class would have no problem filling up voluntarily.


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