Williams College Declares Using Pink and Blue to Denote Sex Is a 'Bias Incident'

Activists dressed as characters from "The Handmaid's Tale" chant in the Texas Capitol Rotunda, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, in Austin. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

For generations, people have used pink to denote female and blue to denote male. This is especially handy with babies, since babies’ faces aren’t yet distinguishable as feminine or masculine.


Apparently, this convention now constitutes a “bias incident” at Williams College.

You see, the school has declared a number of things to suddenly be horrible, and one of these things is using pink and blue to denote feminine or masculine. In fact, the school referred to such things as “abhorrent and intolerable.”

According to The College Fix, other abhorrent and intolerable things at Williams College now include “[t]elling someone they have to wear pants because they are male and a skirt because they are female,” and “imitating someone’s cultural norm or practice.”

Now, the first one can be a jerk move. The context matters — but an 18-year-old can be expected to know how to match appropriate clothing to the appropriate situation, for goodness’ sake. And how to not be a jerk who lectures others on their outfits.

It’s the “imitating someone’s cultural norm or practice” that’s the more alarming of the two.

After all, that could describe anything from eating a taco to performing a minstrel show. The idea of “bias incidents” may have a legitimate function: after all, there are real racists and sexists floating around in the world being awful, and I understand the college’s desire to minimize students’ exposure to that.


However, if you deem a white man’s love of cooking Asian food to be “intolerable,” guess what? You’re the abominable racist, not him.

The Left, not just Williams College, has embraced the fiction of “microaggressions” and similar fairy tales, and has become a promoter of racist behavior when it deems certain activities “abhorrent and intolerable” due to your DNA.

The real world doesn’t and shouldn’t give a damn about these made-up “sensitivities.” It uses pink for women, blue for men. We eat Chinese food and buy sombreros and ponchos. We even share our religious beliefs about what people should wear. We understand the difference between being kind and being a legitimately dangerous bigot — it’s not that hard.

All these schools are doing is setting up these students for a miserable existence post-college.


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