Minnesota Feminist Professors Mum on Al Franken

Al Franken (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

With the American Left, it’s always been important that people be condemned. In particular, it’s important that any and all conservatives or libertarians who have done or even said anything wrong must be condemned. Failure to condemn people for allegations, even if the accused denies the allegations in question, is proof positive of severe moral failings.


However, those rules aren’t black and white when the accused is from the Left, apparently. In particular, feminist professors across Franken’s state of Minnesota are opting to not condemn Al Franken following allegations and photographic evidence of his sexual misconduct.

From The College Fix:

Many feminist professors at universities across Minnesota are declining to comment on or condemn Democrat Sen. Al Franken over his sexual harassment scandal — even as the senator prepares to resign for the misconduct.

At least five women have reportedly alleged Franken groped them or forcibly kissed them decades ago, but the allegations came to light in recent months, at a time when sexual harassment claims have taken center stage and a reckoning of sorts over such behavior has gripped the nation.

The College Fix reached out to nine women’s studies professors at four large public and private universities in Minnesota, the state Franken serves, to seek comment on the sexual harassment accusations against the Democrat politician and former actor, as well as his resignation.

Those professors include Aren Aizura and Miranda Joseph at the University of Minnesota, Young-ok An and Susan Myers at the University of St. Thomas, Shannon Miller and Nick Clarkson of Minnesota State University, and Mumbi Mwangi at St. Cloud State University.

None of them responded to multiple emailed queries from The Fix over the last month asking them for their thoughts on Franken’s alleged sexual misconduct, which includes a photograph of the senator groping a woman’s breasts as she slept.


Now, if this had been Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, do you think any of them would have declined to comment?

Of course not.

This is the problem with the more radical elements of the progressive Left. They’re actions are the very epitome of “rules for thee, but not for me.” They wouldn’t tolerate this from us, but they won’t play by the same rules.

To be fair, we have people like this as well, but we tend to call out our own. The Left, not so much.

Al Franken clearly committed at least some inappropriate behavior. We have photographic proof of at least part of it, and I’m sorry, claiming he’s a comedian doesn’t make it all better.

How hard is it to say: “Look, what we know happened is out of line and should not be acceptable”? It wouldn’t do any damage to feminism, “intersectionalism,” liberalism, or any other kind of -ism these feminist professors support. So why not speak up?

Because it’s never been about women, feminism, or anything else. It’s been about worshiping at the altar of progressivism.



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