City Official Reportedly Spent $8,000 of City Money Buying Himself Guns, Tracking Devices

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High-ranking city officials often have a credit card on hand for city purchases that need to be made quick, fast, and in a hurry. Former Frontenac, Kansas City Administrator Doug Sellars had one — but he apparently decided to use it for private purchases.



PJ Media contributor Patrick Richardson reports in The Morning Sun:

Purchases made by Sellars allegedly include three firearms, ammunition, Under Armour clothing, and fireworks components, among other items.

Sellars claims one of the three firearms was a Henry Golden Boy .22 rifle that was given to a former city administrator as a retirement gift. Perhaps that purchase was legitimate. But Sellars didn’t explain the other two guns.

Further, Sellars apparently bought GPS tracking devices that he hid on a car … belonging to his ex-mistress:

According to the affidavit, submitted by Kansas Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Robert K. Jacobs, the entire matter came to light in August 2015, when Sellars allegedly told the former mistress’ supervisor he had placed the devices on her car.

Officers with the Pittsburg Police Department were informed, by the former mistress at the time, but were unable to find the tracker.

It was later discovered in a bumper by technicians at Creative Car Audio, in Pittsburg, the affidavit continues.

It was the stalking that eventually landed Sellars in hot water. While police investigated the stalking allegations, they found all of the alleged financial crimes.


It appears Sellars did reimburse the city for some of his theft: a whole $856.37. Otherwise, the taxpayers apparently funded Sellars’ stalking of his ex-mistress.

There’s a reason why government officials shouldn’t be trusted with too much authority. Officials are just people, and they suffer from the same foibles as the rest of society. In this case, one guy with a taxpayer-funded credit card allegedly abused the public’s trust so he could stalk his ex and presumably make this woman’s life a nightmare.

Just imagine what kind of horrors someone capable of this might do in a much higher position of authority.



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