Bisexual Student Reprimanded for Criticizing Islam's Record on Gay Rights

Remember when facts mattered at American universities? Our institutions of higher learning were supposed to be places where the truth reigned supreme, where facts trumped opinions, and where people were free to discuss their differences.


Those days are long over, unfortunately, and based on what we’re seeing, they’re not likely to return.

For example, when a bisexual student criticizes Islam over documented facts regarding the treatment of gays in the Middle East, you shouldn’t expect the student to get blasted by school officials. But apparently, that’s just what happened.

From The College Fix:

Can you be called into a campus administrator’s office and chastised for telling peers that in some countries, gay people are executed in the name of Islam? Apparently, yes, yes you can.

At least, that’s what happen to grad student Alfred MacDonald within the philosophy department at University of Texas at San Antonio. MacDonald, who is bisexual, is telling his story now after transcribing an audio recording of a lengthy conversation he had with his superior last fall.

MacDonald told The College Fix in an interview this month that the incident occurred after he told peers during a campus conversation that as a bisexual he was bothered he could be killed in 10 Muslim countries.

After that, he was called into the philosophy department chair’s office and told making that statement was “derogatory” and won’t “be tolerated” and essentially threatened him with administrative discipline, according to a recording of the conversation.

MacDonald, who has since transferred out of UT San Antonio to study at another college, said the affair is indicative of a larger problem.

“In the philosophy department, there was an overwhelming sense that everyone wasn’t saying everything they were thinking. Very few people — students or faculty — were direct with their complaints about virtually anything,” he told The Fix. “… The graduate students were reserved to an unusual degree. … It felt like I was in high school again; people should be direct, straightforward, and transparent with each other to the extent that this is socially possible, and this was the opposite of what I experienced.”


If this is accurate, then it’s disgusting.

I’m all for taking issue with people badmouthing any group of people unjustly, but gays in Islamic nations are in a horrible, horrible situation. They’re thrown off of buildings, for crying out loud. Here, the worst most will ever face is a mean comment. There, they face death.

This is a human rights issue that should unite the left and the right, but so many leftists would rather not face the fact that Islam is far worse on the subject of homosexuality than Christianity could ever dream. Meanwhile, Christian organizations that stick to doctrine are labeled as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.



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