Corey Feldman Plans Documentary to Expose Pedophilia in Hollywood

Corey Feldman, right, and Courtney Anne Mitchell arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of "Jane" at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Following the accusations leveled at Harvey Weinstein, many were reminded of the charges being made for years by former child star Corey Feldman.

Feldman has long claimed that there are a large number of pedophiles in Hollywood, people with powerful connections, and that they took advantage of young stars like him and the late Corey Haim.


Until now, few believed him. After all, Feldman was a has-been, right? A child star grasping for the limelight again, perhaps?

When the Weinstein allegations surfaced, however, things changed. Now people are willing to listen, and Feldman has decided to go big. From The Daily Caller:

Actor and singer Corey Feldman stated in a YouTube video published Wednesday that he wants to make a documentary film to name and expose abuse and pedophilia in Hollywood.

Feldman said, “Right off the bat I can name six names one of them who is still very powerful today, and a story that links all the way up to a studio. It connects pedophilia to one of the major studios. I am very afraid to do this, it’s not easy. I’ve been living in fear and living with this my entire life. As most victims have, I’ve been made to feel awkward, misunderstood, and I’ve been degraded at great levels.”

He continued, “Rumors have been told, stories have been made up about me, I’ve been insulted and degraded in ways that are unimaginable to me, all because they fear what I know as the truth. I’m not alone. I know that there’s thousands others that have experienced what I have experienced in the entertainment industry.”

“I also know there’s peers of mine who know what I’m talking about and know all the details but have been afraid to come forward with their own truths,” he added.


Feldman’s video:

Feldman’s comments, once seen by some as outlandish, have some support. Nickelodeon writer/producer/wunderkind Dan Schneider is at the center of many accusations that are very disturbing, and there is speculation that goes far darker than that.

Whether Feldman can get his documentary off the ground or not remains to be seen. Anyone he accuses will go after him legally unless he has a great deal of evidence to support what he’s saying, which is the reason he has given previously for not speaking out. Still, if he gets the ball rolling, others may speak out and offer more evidence.

If these allegations are true, I pray these people are brought to justice. There is no one so low as someone who would abuse a kid.



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