Emory Professor: Whites Are Inherently Racist, Men Are Inherently Sexist

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The average social justice warrior, particularly the academic breed of the species, has not a single good word to say about Christianity. SJWs save their religious support for Islam and maybe for a few pagan faiths. For Christianity, they offer nothing but scorn.


Which is odd, because SJWs totally ripped off the idea of original sin, then butchered it.

From The College Fix:

On October 17, Emory’s George Yancy, a philosophy professor whose areas of research include the “Critical Philosophy of Race” and “Critical Whiteness Studies” (naturally), lectured his white Emory peers on their “inherent racism” and the necessity of recognizing their “white privilege.”

As reported by the Emory Wheel, Yancy noted that in his classes he does a twist on “safe spaces” — he creates what he dubs “dangerous spaces” — but only for white students. That’s because, he says, “whiteness is often considered the ‘norm’ in society” and “many white students have never had to think of themselves as different or problematic.”) One can only imagine if a professor attempted that with any other racial/ethnic group.)

But do not worry: The prof says he’s “not to make white people feel guilty”; he just wants them “to acknowledge their inherent racism and fight actively against it.”

It’s not just race that he claims creates an inherent oppressor as a consequence of birth. Oh no. As he described to the Emory Wheel:

To further illustrate his argument, Yancy compared his idea of being an anti-racist racist to sexism. Although he does not intentionally try to oppress or objectify women, he is a sexist by virtue of being a male, Yancy said.

“My argument is that at the end of the day the best that I can be is an anti-sexist sexist. I fight against sexism everyday of my life, to the best that I can,” Yancy said. “The best that [a white person] can become is an anti-racist racist.”


No. Just … no.

Every one of these boneheaded academics that keep making these arguments fails to remember one very important thing. If everyone is racist by virtue of their existence, then what motivation do they have to not act like a racist? What’s the point in trying to look at your fellow man by the “content of his character, and not by the color of their skin” when it won’t matter?

By declaring all whites inherently racist — and, in the case of Yancy and a few others, always racist — you make redemption impossible. If I’m always going to be racist and the best I can achieve is to be an “anti-racist racist,” then why bother?

Luckily for everyone, people aren’t inherently anything. Individuals may be racist, or they may be a million other things, but no one race is inherently anything.

Yet if academics keep trying to make the claim that people are not only racist but irredeemably racist, then they need to own the ramifications of that. Trust me, though. They won’t be pretty.


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