Evergreen State Blocked Criticism of Black Lives Matter Via 'Bias Incident Response Team'

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It seems Evergreen State University has even more issues than we thought. The saga of Brett Weinstein was only the tip of the iceberg, apparently.

From The College Fix:


The Evergreen State College had previously banned criticisms of Black Lives Matter, saying somewhat innocuous posters critiquing the movement hung on campus “diminish the disparities experienced by people of color” and are a violation of the school’s non-discrimination policy.

The 2016 determination was made by its Bias Incident Response Team roughly one year before the school was engulfed in controversy and chaos, a recently uncovered document shows.

A campus spokesman did not respond to repeated recent email and phone call requests for comment from The College Fix to weigh in one whether the team had made a mistake in its determination and if the school would continue to banish public criticisms of Black Lives Matter.

After the race-based chaos that engulfed the school last spring, however, officials have made statements in support of free speech on campus, even controversial sentiments.

As for the censorship in question, it occurred in the spring of 2016, according to a bias response team document detailing the incident and the outcome recently obtained by The College Fix.


The fact that there was a “Bias Incident Response Team” sounds so Orwellian that it could only exist on a college campus.

To be sure, Spring 2016 is well before the incident with Brett Weinstein, which sparked a whole pile of criticism directed toward the college. Thus, it also predates the administration’s new commitment to free speech.

That said, this isn’t surprising, and I don’t just mean for Evergreen State. No, this is unsurprising for any school. Too many people equate criticism of Black Lives Matter as a group with criticisms of black people as a race.

Except blacks and Black Lives Matter are different things. Not all black people are affiliated with Black Lives Matter. They’re just a subset. That’s not how it works, even in Liberal Land.


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