Notice to Philly Teachers Tries to Confuse Illegal Immigrants With Legal Ones

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While all men are created equal, not all immigrants are. Sound confusing? Bear with me.

As humans, all people are essentially equal. Or, at least, they should be before the eyes of the law. Yet when it comes to immigration, some immigrants have basically given up that equal standing simply due to the way they immigrated. In other words, they entered the country illegally, making them illegal immigrants.


Illegal immigrants are essentially a big, raised middle finger to the people who went through th headache of coming into this country legally.

However, a report from The College Fix of a notice given to teachers in Philadelphia attempts to conflate the two kinds of immigrants.

This year the Philadelphia School District is mandating that all its employees go through training on how to keep schools’ immigrant students “safe and supported” in this “charged political climate.”

Every school-based employee, “from principal to cafeteria worker,” will receive the guidance.

Throughout her piece at, Kristen Graham cleverly foregoes the term “illegal” from “illegal immigrant,” and she begins with the scare paragraph right off the bat:

“More than half of Furness [High School’s] pupils are immigrants, and beginning last November, some were so frightened they did not come to school. In the new world order, would authorities come for them? And if they did, would their teachers protect them?”

Now, the folks at The College Fix recognized the issue right away. Officials aren’t going to come looking for legal immigrants unless they break the law. No, they’re far more likely to come for the illegal ones.


I won’t say that no one wants to deport legal immigrants. There are always a few mentally unbalanced jackwagons who love the idea of deporting people who yearn to be American simply because they were born somewhere else. We tend to call many of these the “alt-right.”

That said, they’re a distinct minority. The vast majority of the American right stands ready and eager to welcome legal immigrants. They’re a good chunk of what makes America great. I happen to have a couple of dear friends who are immigrants, after all (PJ Media’s own Sarah Hoyt among them).

No one is coming for the legal immigrants, however. The alt-right might want to, but no one will let them. They’re a political minority even among the right and they don’t have the juice to make something like that happen, especially since so many people in this country not on the right would oppose any effort.

And I think the people in Philadelphia offering this “guidance” know this. Yet there’s a push by the left to remove the adjective “illegal” from the phrase “illegal immigrant” (and yes, I know some of you prefer the term “illegal alien,” but as both a science fiction geek and writer of the same, that phrase conjures images of little green men and such). The left desperately wants to equate the two groups so they can quash any resistance to their open-borders plans.


The problem is, we’re onto it — and will keep pointing it out so they can’t shift the language any further.


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