Conservative Campus Group's Fliers Vandalized

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Following Charlottesville, some people actually couldn’t understand why anyone would take issue with the idea of punching Nazis. Besides assault being illegal, we pointed out that the term “Nazi” gets thrown around an awful lot to describe people that are no such thing.


As Campus Reform reports, a case in point:

Over the course of a week, vandals at Illinois State University (ISU) defaced fliers belonging to College Republicans and Turning Point USA (TPUSA), slurring them as “Nazis” and “racists.”

When the College Republicans posted advertisements for a Friday, August 24 event featuring Nick Adams, an Australian author and Fox News commentator, they soon discovered that someone had crudely written “NAZI SCUM” and “No NAZIS on campus!” on two fliers.

The following Tuesday, August 29, members of TPUSA, a non-partisan organization that promotes “the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government,” left their first weekly meeting to canvass. They chalked slogans promoting their message on the pavement and posted fliers promoting their organization on bulletin boards outside ISU’s Milner Library.

TPUSA President Andy Byars told Campus Reform that he began to receive texts from group members the following day with pictures of the group’s posters. One reading “big government sucks” now featured phrases such as “NAZI SCUM,” “NO RACISTS ON OUR CAMPUS,” and “LOVE TRUMPS HATE.” Another poster proclaiming, “you are not entitled to what I have earned,” had the added claim, “CAPITALISM=White Supremacy.”


The Left will demonize anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with them, and that they can’t comprehend that disagreement does not equal evil. For far too many of them, any disagreement is proof positive of the inherently vile darkness that rests within you, and they will go full-on Salem Witch Trials to purge it from this country. No, they won’t hang people or burn anyone at the stake — not yet, anyway — but not for lack of desire.

When everyone you disagree with is a Nazi, an other, it becomes easier to commit violence.


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