Former Clinton Staffer Outraged Over Confederate Flag ... on Rescue Boat

There’s just a special kind of stupid at work in some people. They’re so blinded by hatred for others that they refuse to see some people as far more complex than they give them credit for.


I’m not talking about the Klan or neo-Nazis, though that certainly applies to them too. No, I’m talking about a former digital strategist for Hillary Clinton named Logan Anderson.

Anderson tweeted this yesterday:

The nerve of someone with a Confederate flag on their boat helping black people!

The absolute nerve of thinking human life matters more than some stupid debate over a flag! Maybe — I’m just guessing here — the person flying that flag thinks of it as a symbol of heritage, not hatred. And is filled with love for his fellow man, as is visible in his actions.

Anderson then showed the world what kind of a person she is by proclaiming:

Classy. Someone saves her life, the first thing she would do is destroy their property.


The bigot here is Anderson.

She has no idea who the guy in the boat is. None at all. But she knows his character: he puts his own life at risk to save people he’s never met. This is what it means to have virtue. It’s not about signaling with a tweet that you’re “woke.” It’s about being ready for when people need help, and helping.

This is the kind of man who can leave his house knowing he’s showing his children — and all of humanity — something about how to be a good person. This is someone who can go to bed at night knowing he is on the right path with at least part of his life.

What about Anderson? She spends her time on Twitter being a bigot, letting her fellow bigots know about it. To top it off, she thinks she is the moral one here.

Hat tip: Twitchy


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