Dartmouth Professor Supports Antifa's Violence

It’s unsurprising that Antifa is getting a great deal of support right now. The mainstream media is painting them as saints doing God’s work by combating the forces of evil while ignoring their previous attacks. Lots and lots and lots of attacks. And the rhetoric calling for even more violence.


NBC’s Chuck Todd sat down Sunday to discuss Antifa. His guests, Dartmouth professor Mark Bray and Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen, were anything but a balanced panel of guests. As The Daily Caller reports:

Bray argued that violence is necessary to stop white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups from getting too normalized or powerful, framing the issue as one of self-defense.

“A lot of people are under attack,” Bray said, “and sometimes they need to be able to defend themselves. It’s a privileged position to say you never have to defend yourself from these monsters.”

“Fascism cannot be defeated by speech,” Bray asserted, contending that Antifa needs to strike now to prevent the proliferation of neo-Nazis.

Cohen, by contrast, called the idea of initiating violence a “spectacularly bad idea.” He’s right, of course, though it’s surprising to hear that from the SPLC.

Bray’s bio — at Dartmouth’s “Gender Research Institution” — describes him as a “historian of human rights, terrorism, and political radicalism in Modern Europe.” Sounds like he should know a thing or two about the horrors of violent political radicalism — yet that’s precisely what he’s calling for. He’s providing the “intellectual” cover for their violence.


Let me be perfectly clear: People will die. It’s sheer luck that none of the multitudes seriously injured by Antifa over the past few years have died. If they continue confronting people with bats, pipes, bike locks, knives, and other deadly weapons, that luck will end.

If you want to combat Nazis, you can’t do it by eliciting sympathy for them. Killing a neo-Nazi after you show up to get rowdy with their lawful demonstration would certainly do that.

Of course, this is assuming Antifa kills an actual neo-Nazi or white supremacist. In this day and age, the Left and the media have turned opposing socialized health care into racism. Even a haircut can get you labeled a racist now, for crying out loud.

But that doesn’t matter to Bray. No matter how much blood is spilled based on his BS, he’ll probably trot along and pretend his hands are clean.

They’re not.


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