Woman Sends Unsolicited Vagina Pics to Men in Most Predictable Experiment Ever

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Since the dawn of the internet, women have complained about men sending unsolicited pics of their junk. Apparently, some men believe sending pictures of their penis can make a woman swoon and fall madly in lust with them. Because some men are, well, some men.


One woman thought, perhaps, that men would be as disgusted to receive pictures of the opposite sex’s crotch as most women are. Or so she says, I’m not sure I believe her. Anyway, she sent unsolicited pics of a vagina to a bunch of men on dating apps, and the response was not quite what she claims to have expected:

Unfortunately (and probably not too surprisingly), far from reacting with horror or disgust like their female counterparts, all the guys responded with delight and were quite keen to meet up with her.

For the experiment, LA-based writer Kerry Quinn, swiped right on a bunch of guys, flirted with them for three or four messages and then went straight to messaging them photos of her genitals — or rather, a cute photo of somebody else’s she found on the Internet.

However, rather than teaching the guys a lesson and them feeling the incident might constitute sexual harassment, the replies were hilarious and downright descriptive of what they wanted to do to the vagina in the photo. A rather telling insight into the male mind, right there.

She then tried a different tactic and just started sending them the pics without any verbal interaction whatsoever, hoping that might encourage the men to be a little bit more wary. But, no, their responses were keener than ever and, of course, several replied with shirtless photos and, yes, some genital pics of their own.


Someone thought sending free pictures of a vagina would teach them a lesson about sexual harassment? Oh, that’s hysterical.

Look, I get that women don’t appreciate pictures of male genitals out of the blue. Frankly, it’s a tasteless and classless thing for a man to do, and I have yet to hear a credible account of a guy saying, “Yeah, I sent her a picture of my junk, then the next thing I know she’s wanting to meet up, like, now.” There’s a reason for that.

Which is that men and women are different.


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