Taylor Swift's New Album Likely to Be a Major SJW Target

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Taylor Swift kind of has it all. It would be easy to imagine her selling her soul at an early age for everything she has. She’s young, talented, successful, and attractive. Like I said, she kind of has it all.


But “having it all” also means you’re going to have people who hate you and want to see you destroyed. In Swift’s case, however, the abuse comes from people who know exactly how to do just that. Somehow, Swift has run afoul of the social justice zealots who seem to control so much of the media.

People say Taylor Swift is a racist, a horrible anti-feminist, and even a Nazi version of Barbie. These are just some of the things that have been written about one of the best-selling pop stars of all-time. If Taylor Swift poses with a golden retriever, you can bet that certain media outlets will jump in to say she’s racist for not posing with a black or brown dog. The social justice wing of the media wants to destroy Taylor Swift. For the most part, the backlash is completely misguided and makes a mockery of real social justice issues.

Taylor Swift is not perfect, and some of her actions have been rightfully criticized. For example, in terms of her background, Swift wasn’t the underdog that she has portrayed herself as. Also, not only was trying to portray herself as a victim of Kanye West’s misogyny (at least recently) a mistake, but her tweet about the Woman’s March in January was ridiculous considering she didn’t even show up.

However, none of Swift’s actions deserve the vitriol she has received. Unlike other female superstars, Swift has never claimed to be a sexual assault activist and then filmed a music video starring R. Kelly and Terry Richardson (hello, Lady Gaga). Although Swift has dabbed into hip-hop, she has never tried to soften her image by claiming she now hates the genre (hello, Miley Cyrus). She has never tried to use drag queens to sell music that hasn’t been making waves (hello, Katy Perry). Criticism currently surrounding Taylor Swift has (mostly) nothing to do with her but rather the self-appointed cultural police who are doing the criticizing.

Taylor Swift represents everything the social justice police resent: she’s white, she’s pretty, she’s talented, and she’s amazingly successful. In other words, Taylor Swift has “privilege” and she’s part of the problem. While racism, sexism, etc. are still important social issues that need to be dealt with, Swift’s are using the wrong person as their scapegoat.


The piece goes on to tell Swift how she can avoid all of that, but honestly, I don’t think she should bother.

Social justice jihadis have a bit of a lock on the media itself, but they don’t actually control what people buy. Swift is a big enough star that the media simply can’t ignore her new album, and her fans will be the ultimate judges of whether the album is any good or not.

Sure, she can do some of the things suggested, but only if she wants to. Ending a feud with Katy Perry is fine if she wants to, but doing so won’t make her automatically more “pro-woman.” It’ll simply be one fewer distraction for the incredibly busy Swift. If she backs away from social media or even interviews, it should be because she doesn’t want to do them, not because the self-proclaimed tastemakers think she should.

The reality is that prostrating herself before the social justice jihadis won’t actually accomplish anything. They’ll sense blood in the water and demand more and more from Swift until she has to embrace full-on activism in order to avoid criticism, and even then, one slip-up and her head will be back on the social justice block.

My advice to Swift is simple. Make music your fans are going to love and don’t sweat the loudly buzzing mosquitos that pass for the social justice zealots.



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