Black Lives Matter Disrupts Another Pride Parade, Injuring Four Police Officers

(Photo by Alex Milan Tracy) (Sipa via AP Images)

The Left always eats its own, but its embrace of totalitarian, violent tactics can make such developments anything but encouraging. For example, in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend four police officers were injured as Black Lives Matter interfered with a Pride parade:


Over the weekend, several Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to block a Pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. When police responded, they reportedly resisted arrest, and one suspect tried to disarm an officer, leaving several officers injured, the Columbus Division of Police said.

Four demonstrators now face charges ranging from disorderly conduct to aggravated robbery over Saturday’s confrontation.

Showing up for Justice Columbus, a group that organizes “white people to take action to fight white supremacy,” wrote on Twitter that the demonstrators were “disrupting Pride” to protest Friday’s acquittal of the Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile last year.

“Today myself and a group of other queer and trans PoC [People of Color] (and allies) staged a silent, peaceful protest in the middle of the pride parade to highlight the lack of support for queer POC trans folk within our community and the larger lgbtqia community,” Stephanie Ewen, one of the Black Lives Matter protesters, said in a statement on Facebook.

So, that’s two entirely different Leftist motives for a group with a third Leftist motive, attacking a parade with a fourth.

Some protesters disrupted a Pride parade because a black man was killed by an apparently incompetent Hispanic police officer in another state — meaning there was literally no one involved with the Pride parade that did or could do anything about any of it. That’s beyond ridiculous.


Some other protesters disrupted a Pride parade because they don’t think minorities identifying as one of 47 genders or orientations aren’t getting enough support from within a community that has drunk the intersectionalism Kool-Aid. This is what happens with intersectionalism. When identity is everything, the Oppression Olympics are going to happen. There can’t ever be unity, because a black lesbian transgendered Muslim paraplegic with a lisp will arrive to claim everyone else is oppressive, and they can’t really dismiss the argument.

It all sounds hysterical, but of the four police officers, one will be out for “several months” with an injury. The violent Left isn’t a laughing matter.


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