A Note to the Right: Remember Your Commitment to the Rule of Law

I’ve got a bad feeling about the state of our nation right now. A while back, I wrote a post here at PJ Media warning conservatives to not be looking for trouble. Sure, get into arguments on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to argue in real life if that’s what you want to do. Stand up for your values and beliefs by all means.


But for goodness’ sake, be an adult — don’t go looking for a chance to throw a punch.

In the wake of the attack on Republican lawmakers in Alexandria, VA last week, it’s probably a good idea to repeat some of that. Back in March, I wrote:

For people on the right, there’s even more to keep in mind. Any violence — like a fan of someone like Milo shooting an opponent — will be used to justify more violence from the Left.

Make sure you are in a situation of self-defense and have no other option. As the Left gets violent, knowing the laws in your state is part of your self-defense. Reject anyone on your political side who seems to be embracing violence as quickly as you’d reject the violent Leftist.

Make sure you’re out there standing up for the Rule of Law.

With Rep. Steve Scalise still in serious condition following the attack, I’m worried. I’m worried that someone out there will consider this an act of war against the right, and react in kind.

Is there a conservative cleaning his weapons and studying a target’s schedule for the next month? I don’t know, but I pray there isn’t.

Folks, we stand on a precipice.

Look at the level of violence we’ve seen from the Left just in the last 12 months. Multiple riots even before the election of Donald Trump. A free speech rally openly attacked by armed leftists, clearly indicating their intent to engage in violence against their opponents. Now, Alexandria.


Couple that with leftists who openly rejoiced at the news of Scalise’s shooting, and you see the groundwork being laid for further violence against conservatives and libertarians. I fully expect to see more, to be honest. I fear that some will be emboldened by the events in Alexandria and will launch their own terrorist attacks.

The right cannot respond by creating the same fear. The right must only respond by affirming the Rule of Law.

If any on the Right adopt the Left’s terror tactics, many leftists will see it as open season on conservatives.  One attack from a conservative will be all some people need to justify escalating from empty words on the internet to action. The next thing we know, it’s a dirty war where everyone loses.

Be ready, of course. Be mindful of your surroundings. Whatever you do, though, don’t start anything. Defend yourself, defend others who are in danger. But don’t give these extremists the excuse they’re begging for, even if you think you’re doing God’s work. Trust me, you’re not.


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