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The 7 Most Despicable Reactions to the Virginia Ballpark Shooting

Social media is unfortunately a place where a lot of people -- particularly on the left -- allow the darkest side of themselves to find expression. We see it daily, but especially after a national tragedy.

So it should be no surprise that in the wake of the horrifying political shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, Wednesday morning, some astoundingly ugly "hot takes" appeared on Twitter and Facebook.


A grandmother responded to a reporter's tweet about Rep. Steve Scalise being in critical condition in the hospital by saying he "deserved it" because he was trying to hurt and kill people by taking away their healthcare. WUSA9 Anchor Adam Longo was appalled.

Donna Potter of DP Consulting deleted the tweet after she received a serious amount of blowback on Twitter. Instead of apologizing, she first tried to pretend that the offensive tweet was just a joke, then she tried to blame it on a typo, and then she tried to blame it on a lack of caffeine -- all while attacking people in her timeline who were offended.

Then she tried to play the sympathy card:

And the "Christian" card:

I didn't see any apologies. And through it all she continued to post tweets slamming "evil" Republicans and linking to left-wing conspiracy sites.

What a piece of work, eh?


Malcolm Harris, who recently wrote an analysis piece for The Washington Post, deleted the tweet, but not before screenshots were taken.

Via Betsy Rothstein at The Daily Caller: