Traumatized Tenants Near London Fire Threatened with Legal Action: 'No Ball Games' or 'Anti-Social Behaviour'

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It may have been written well before the tragic Grenfell fire. In fact, it probably was. However, that doesn’t make anyone in the building opposite the now charred husk feel better about receiving it. In fact, it probably simply amplifies the outrage.


This is just after a horrific disaster that left at least 30 dead, with many more still missing after the blaze engulfed the 24-story public housing building.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was less than pleased.

The rage is understandable. After all, this letter comes from the same group responsible for managing the Grenfell Tower. It now looks like a kind of cladding that’s banned in many places — including here in the U.S. — may have contributed to the disaster. Even if it met legal code, there was nothing legally stopping management from upgrading the cladding to something safer…but don’t play ball outside. The ball might hurt a building or something.


Or, are they implying that the Grenfell fire was caused by someone playing with a ball?

Probably not. Maybe.

Regardless, this illustrates the tone deafness that is indicative of bureaucracy. They were going to send that letter, and who cares if people who watched dozens of people perish in a blaze are upset that they got a letter warning them about playing with balls outside? Especially since it appears this isn’t precisely an uncommon thing in such UK housing projects.

Coming up next, a suicide bombing with a truck followed by residents in the affected area being warned against parking on the street. Or something equally idiotic.


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