Article on Talking to 'White Working Class Without Insulting Them' Loaded With Insults

Ever since November, progressives have been beside themselves trying to figure out how Donald Trump won the presidency. How could white working class voters choose someone who (theoretically, because it’s false) stands against their own self-interest?


Conservatives and libertarians have long tried to spell out how progressivism is in no one’s long-term interest. But when you refuse to accept that truth, you end up obsessing about how to use better “messaging” when you talk to those dullards, because it couldn’t possibly be that you just don’t have the evidence.’s Isaac Chotiner recently sat down to interview writer Joan C. Williams, who advocates trying to speak with white working class Americans without … hurting their feelings. Of course, she shows what a disingenuous, condescending person she is by titling her book on the topic White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America.

The clueless, classless Chotiner and Williams go on to say the exact same false, clueless, elitist pap that cost Hillary Clinton the election:

He [Trump] just completely bald-facedly (sic) lies to them as if they’re morons.

But as for people like us, we should have some commitment to honesty. What attitude should we be taking toward people who voted for a racist buffoon that is scamming them?

I watched a lot of campaign speeches last year, and I can tell you the single biggest topic of conversation in Trump campaign rallies was Donald Trump. And if you tallied up the time that Hillary Clinton spent talking about jobs for the American people versus Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton spent way more time. And if you look at their websites Hillary Clinton has more plans, or had, for Americans without college degrees than Donald Trump does, and the more sensible plans, at least by my analysis and I think your analysis. Don’t “average people” have some responsibility to learn this?


There’s plenty more where that came from, if you want a laugh.

Chotiner implies that white working class voters are simply less able to process information and to recognize a con job when they see one, and that only he and his progressive allies can. He truly believes that if non-college educated white folks would give Leftism a chance, all of their troubles would be washed away by the brilliant minds behind the $20,000,000,000,000 debt and the collapse of the entire health care industry.

Chotiner is indicative of the existential dread Democrats refuse to face: they’ve been treating their opponents as if they’re evil or stupid because they can’t possibly entertain the thought that the Leftist ideas they’ve invested their lives in failed on their own merits.

Leftist self-imagined “elites” everywhere espouse similarly dismissive attitudes towards the white working class. And I don’t think leftists like Chotiner stand much chance of turning it off. They’ve lived entire lives in a self-congratulatory bubble, feeling incredibly smug that they were smarter than everyone. Now that they’re out of power, they can’t grasp where they went wrong.

Chotiner also spouted off with this tidbit:


It’s harder to have that conversation if you’re married to a Muslim or an immigrant, and you are bringing them into the family, and maybe you think your Trump-fan relatives should be the ones reaching out.

Chotiner, again, refuses to consider that his own conception of Islam may be incorrect. He refuses to consider that Trump’s focus on immigrants is about illegal immigration, jobs, and security, not racism.

As the Left continues on, entranced with its own self-image, it all but ensures Trump’s win in 2020.


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