Report: Bat-Wielding Mob Roaming Evergreen State College

By now, most know how insane the security situation has become at Evergreen State College: a campus-wide lunatic reaction to a harmless emailchildish, threatening tantrums; a spineless, inept administration that has exempted the out-of-control students from any responsibility while they whine about someone daring to disagree with an appalling idea: banning white people from campus for a day.


According to a tweet by Bret Weinstein — the professor who wrote the email pointing out that banning certain DNA from campus might kinda be racism — things have escalated. Big time:


According to The College Fix, Weinstein’s claim is indeed credible:

An official at Evergreen State College sent a memo to students Sunday asking an apparent group of campus vigilantes who have taken to patrolling the grounds armed with bats or batons to end the practice, according to an email forwarded to The College Fix. 

The email was from Vice President for Student Affairs Wendy Endress, who in her memo addressed to “colleagues” included the message sent to students Sunday by Sharon Goodman, director of Evergreen’s Residential and Dining Service, or RAD, asking the “community patrol” to lay down its weapons.

The Olympia, Wash.-based campus is closed today due to an unspecified “external threat”; it was also closed for nearly two days last week due to a “direct threat to campus safety.”

Yes, the administration of a taxpayer-funded college just referred to a mob with bats threatening white people as a “community patrol.”


It’s clear that the administration has allowed the campus to become lawless. The inmates are running the asylum.

Never mind the comedy inherent in that not-so-intimidating picture above — it doesn’t take much to maim with a deadly weapon. The tweeted photograph and the memo, taken together, paint a terrifying picture of social justice jihadis terrorizing infidels on campus. How out of control do things have to be for a group of students to even consider that they could get away with this?

Remember, these very students are claiming that Bret Weinstein’s refusal to participate in No Whites Day made them feel “unsafe.” No — wandering campus committing felonies and publicizing pictures of yourself to cops is not the typical behavior of someone in actual danger.

Law enforcement needs to step up immediately.


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