Hunter College Offers 'Abolition of Whiteness' Class

American colleges and universities, and the Leftists who dominate them, are blind to their own bigotry and hypocrisy.

If a school offered a class titled “The Problems of Blackness,” academia — and everyone else — would be outraged, and for good reason. That class material would be racist as hell. Yet change it to “The Problems of Whiteness,” and you have a course that would be applauded for speaking openly about race.


Of course, I’m sugarcoating it. The modern Left isn’t into simply discussing their hate anymore.

The class in question sounds like it’s moved far beyond “speaking openly” to outright advocating for genocide, as it’s actually called “The ABOLITION of Whiteness”:

The course, taught by Women and Gender Studies Professor Jennifer Gaboury, is cross-listed for both her department and the Political Science Department, where it fulfills one of four required courses in the “4 subfields of political science” under the umbrella of POLSC 204: Contemporary Issues in Political Theory.

While the school’s official course catalog discloses very little about what is actually discussed in the course, a flyer advertising a previous iteration of the class from the fall of 2016 describes it as “an overview of whiteness studies in the United States,” specifically “focusing on concepts of consciousness, in/visibility, disavowal, and resentment.”

“We’ll be examining how whiteness — and/or white supremacy and violence — is intertwined with conceptions of gender, race, sexuality, class, body ability, nationality, and age,” the description continues, adding that “a petition for this course is on file with the College Senate so that it fulfills Pluralism and Diversity Parts B, C, or D,” referring to mandatory courses that focus, respectively, on “the historical conditions, perspectives and/or intellectual traditions” of ethnic minorities in the U.S., women and those with non-traditional sexual orientations, and Europeans.



While the description of the class implies the usual racist bunk that white people are inherently evil, sitting on top of the heap, looking down at everyone around them, the biggest issue may just be that title. Gaboury, who is white, doesn’t seem to understand that “abolishing” whiteness is going to involve, you know, genocide.

Try to offer a class on “The Abolition of Blackness” or “The Abolition of Hispanic-ness” and hell would break loose. The professor would find himself out of work immediately — and his safety threatened. Students would mob administrators, demanding more sensitivity training, anti-racism programs, and “white-free” safe spaces.

Violence, bigotry, fascism, everything evil you can think of is in style now on college campuses.


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