Male Feminist Disavows Feminism, Cites Rise of Hatred

International Women Day in Madrid on March 8, 2017. (Photo by Jesús Calonge/Pacific Press) (Sipa via AP Images)

If you’ve never heard of the Good Men Project, you’re not alone. While the title might conjure images of responsible, brave fathers, a cursory look at the site’s content reveals that the focus is convincing men to embrace feminism.


That’s why I was intrigued by this Good Men Project post, in which the male author explains why he can no longer call himself a feminist:

I am all for equality. However, I no longer consider myself a feminist. I realize many people will find faults with those statements and some will “troll” me for their unknown gain. But, feminism has changed and not for the better. The reasons for me to make that decision are based on three general concerns: the rise of “man-hating,” lack of feminist voice or actions on “male issues” (and yes, men have issues, too), and the “female as victim” undertone to some feminist literature.

So, do toxic masculinity and/or toxic feminism actually exist? I suppose it depends on who you ask. It seems everybody has a different answer. Well, if discrimination and abuse on women exists (and it does), does it exist for men, too? Of course. But, some feminists, including men, do not (or cannot?) recognize that feminism, if it is truly about equality, works both ways.

College campuses have become a battleground for feminists. Some colleges have even started programs to address toxic masculinity. Ironically, some of these programs have been instituted by the Women’s Centers at the colleges.

Yet, if the reverse happened with programs addressing toxic femininity by college men were to happen, the rebuttal from feminists would be just short of a nuclear explosion. Double standard? Reverse discrimination?


The author, Jeff Jackson, isn’t about to join the Men’s Rights movement, but it’s clear that he’s become disillusioned with feminism, and for good reason.

The idea of women defining masculinity while simultaneously arguing that men have no right to define femininity — while in the same breath claiming you support equality — is incredibly hypocritical. Yet that’s the norm in society lately.

Why does feminism get the only franchise on defining gender roles?

Jackson is just the latest in a series of feminists who are sick of the man-bashing from within the feminist ranks. Both men and women are jettisoning the term, as it now is associated more with misandry and supremacy than equality.

Instead, men who cite real problems facing men get shouted down. This feminist below, Chanty Binx, was with a group protesting a Men’s Rights seminar, until one of her comrades pulled the fire alarm to shut it down entirely. Hear her mock a man who committed suicide — is this free speech-hating psychopathy something you want to be associated with?


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